Is It Possible That the South Bronx Will Get Its Own Casino?

One of the three full-service casinos set to open in New York very soon could be in the South Bronx, which is known for being one of the most impoverished areas in the state.

Amanda Septimo, a member of the New York State Assembly, stated that she did not want her region to be passed over for a project of this magnitude in the future. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation. She went on to say that if a casino was built in the South Bronx, it would result in “substantial economic development” in the surrounding area. If you want to keep betting on sports, the professionals at OLBG can provide you with more information on US gambling sites.

“The South Bronx is frequently overlooked in discussions and plans for significant economic growth.” This is because the South Bronx is a difficult to reach area.” “We want to make sure that the South Bronx is included in the conversation,” Septimo said.

There are currently three full casino licenses available in the state’s downstate region. Three downstate locations have already been approved for video gaming. Empire City is located in Yonkers, Queens, while Resorts World is located in Ozone Park, Queens, and Jake’s 58 is located in Islandia, Long Island. These are the locations.

When all is said and done, the casino will be built somewhere. “I want to see that come to the South Bronx if it comes with good transportation infrastructure, good jobs, and economic growth,” Septimo said. “But only if it comes with all of those things.”

Septimo is currently in discussions with various government officials, and he intends to hold a town hall meeting in May. This is only the first step in a lengthy process. The casinos in the downstate areas were scheduled to open in 2023, according to the regulations that were ratified by voters in 2013 when they approved casino gambling.

Ed Garsia Sonde, the author of Welsome 2 The Vronx, addresses issues that are prevalent in his hometown. He conducted a survey, and the results revealed that the vast majority of respondents were opposed to the proposal.

They do not believe that this will benefit the community in any way. “Some of the low-income communities in New York City will be going to this casino in their backyard with what little revenue they have,” he says. 

What Will Happen If the Casino Goes Live?

It is also important to note that this is not being imposed on the community without the participation of the residents and stakeholders. Assemblywoman Septimo has made it abundantly clear that the community must participate in this conversation about what they want to see happen and how it should look in terms of benefits to Hunts Point residents who will be directly impacted by a casino if it is approved.

One thing is certain: if this proposal moves forward and becomes a reality, the waterfront must be made available to residents who have been barred from entering the region for decades due to industry. This is your only choice.

If a waterfront location is found, any agreement reached with the operator and developer must include a public waterfront park as well as an esplanade.

The fact that Septimo wants the South Bronx to be considered for one of the three new casinos speaks volumes about the importance of these establishments to the communities in which they will operate.

Downstate New York’s three gaming venues are Resorts World in Ozone Park, Empire City in Yonkers, and Jake’s 58 on Long Island. These establishments, however, should not be considered true casinos. They serve no other purpose than to serve as slot machines.

Three more casino licenses will be granted in the coming year, paving the way for the establishment of three full-service casinos in New York’s downstate region, complete with gaming tables and slot machines.

A casino’s presence indicates an increase in job opportunities as well as an improvement in infrastructure

As a member of the State Assembly named Amanda Septimo put it, “significant economic development” will undoubtedly benefit whichever region is chosen to house these casinos. Septimo went on to say that everyone was aware of the need to establish casinos somewhere. She, on the other hand, has expressed interest in the establishment of a full-service casino in the South Bronx because it would result in the expansion of the area’s transportation infrastructure and the creation of respectable employment opportunities.

As a result, Septimo is working against the clock to meet with key casino officials and executives in order to reach a satisfactory compromise. She stated that the first step in the process would be a gathering of elected officials, as she explained.