Since its introduction onto the gaming tables of casinos in the 1970s, video poker has steadily risen to the top of the list of games that players of all skill levels and experience enjoy playing the most. Although it is not particularly colorful or visually stunning, it is in fact a wonderful combination of skill, chance, and opportunities to win. This is despite the fact that it does not have particularly vibrant colors or visuals. Along with table poker and blackjack, video poker is frequently considered to be a type of game known as a player’s advantage, which is a type of game in which skilled and well-informed players can turn the odds in their favor. It also removes the feeling of intimidation that can be brought on by sitting at a table with other people and competing against them.

Since it was made available in a digital, online form, the game’s popularity has skyrocketed, and this trend is only expected to continue in the foreseeable future. It is now easier than it has ever been, while at the same time it comes with all of the excitement and challenges of regular poker, which means that even experienced poker players may find it difficult to come up with a strategy that is mathematically correct in order to win. Virtually every online casino now has at least a few different kinds of video poker available for players to choose from. Some of them are even expanding their gaming collections with one-of-a-kind titles that provide players with a variety of different bonus games, increased payouts, or progressive jackpots.

Finding a reliable online casino at which to play video poker may prove to be a challenging endeavor given the seemingly endless number of gambling sites as well as the new sites that come online every day. However, there are a lot of experienced gamblers who have their preferred gambling establishments, and these establishments aren’t always the biggest or most well-known ones.

What You Should Look for in an Online Video Poker Room and How to Choose One

Poker is a very interesting game, which is the one thing on which we can all reach a consensus. You get the opportunity to maintain your poker face among the other players at the table, acting as ice-cold as Dan Carter did during the kick. What’s the upbeat report? These days, video poker can be found just about anywhere on the internet, which means that New Zealanders will have no trouble finding something entertaining to do online. The bad news is that there is so much to choose from that it can be difficult to determine which video poker sites are legal in the United States, let alone guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience. The good news is that there are a lot of sites that offer video poker.

We’re going to change that for you here on this page by pointing you in the direction of the top sites where you can play video poker online.

To begin, a brief introduction to ourselves, so that you are aware of our mission and goals. We are a group of professionals from New Zealand and other countries who have spent years competing in video poker tournaments offered by the most reputable online casinos. This website was developed with the intention of delivering a deeper comprehension of a variety of topics, ranging from the history of gambling to the strategies that players can use to improve their chances of winning money playing video poker. In the end, all we want to do is get straight to the point and provide you with the very best gambling and online video poker guidance that we possibly can.

We are Americans, and we believe that our reviews are the most pertinent to New Zealanders. We provide guidance that is specifically tailored for us locals, with an eye on what is legal here in NZ rather than just in other countries, as some other sites do.

Okay, let’s get stuck in. You’re about to get a little bit of a strategy guide for video poker, and we’re also going to help you find out where you can play the best video poker games online in 2021. Let’s ante up!

Why Players Prefer No Deposit Sites

No-deposit casino bonuses are among the most coveted bonuses available online. This is due to the fact that there is no need to risk your own funds when claiming one. Instead, a $30 no-deposit bonus allows you to play a variety of games without using your own money.

A Guide to the Best Online Video Poker Sites

When we rate and review online casinos that offer video poker, we don’t just look at who has the best games; there are a lot of other factors that go into it as well. Our specialists investigate any and all aspects of the website, from its reputation to its security to its banking procedures.

The only casinos that make it onto our list of recommended places to play are those that receive exceptional marks in each and every category.

The Number and Standard of Available Video Poker Games

Game selection is of the utmost significance for players who are dedicated to video poker. When we check out a new casino, one of the first things we look for is whether or not it offers a wide variety of video poker games and game designs of a high enough quality. We ensure that online casinos are collaborating with a leading figure in the industry’s game design community because we know that these casinos do not develop their own games.

Site Authentication and Licensing

If you can’t trust a website to keep your money and personal information safe, then it doesn’t matter how good the games are on that website. When we conduct reviews of websites, the assurance that they are reliable and secure is our top priority. We accomplish this by verifying that the casino possesses a current security system and an active e-gaming license.

Financial Services and Attendance to Customers

It is of utmost importance to have a fast and simple method of transferring money to and from the website. After all, if you play video poker and you get a big win, you shouldn’t have to wait to be able to enjoy your winnings and cash out! We recommend gambling establishments that offer speedy deposits and withdrawals utilizing a variety of different payment methods. And if you do find yourself in a sticky situation, having a customer service department that is up to par and ready to assist you is a huge asset.

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Fundamental Methods and Suggestions

Read through our short list of tips and strategies for Video Poker before engaging in a game so that you can get the most out of your time spent playing.

Check out the different games’ pay tables; some of them offer better payouts for the same poker hand than others do. Before you start playing, you should always make sure you’ve checked the paytable, especially if you have a specific payout amount in mind.

Keep in mind that this is not a slot machine – When playing slot machines, some players like to play as quickly as possible in the hopes of triggering the bonus round. However, this is not a slot machine. Playing slot machines does not require any skill, and the only decisions you have to make are the amount of money you want to wager and whether or not you want to participate in a bonus round. Video poker is a game of skill, and the decisions you make will influence the odds of the house winning.

Keep to your allotted time and money for gaming – Before you start your gaming session, it is a good idea to set a time limit and a budget for how much money you will spend on gaming. A lack of focus and errors in judgment are two side effects of staring at a screen for an extended period of time.

Think about playing with the maximum number of coins. The vast majority of video poker games provide better returns for players who wager the maximum amount. When determining how much money you want to spend on gambling, you should keep this in mind so that you can access the games with the highest payouts.

Learn the different variations Despite the fact that the paytables and gameplay may appear to be comparable in each version of Video Poker, there are significant differences between the games, such as the ability for 10s to act as wilds or the possibility of attempting to double your payout.

Learn the strategy that is specific to each game. Each game has its own strategy that can be used to reduce the advantage the house has as much as possible.

You should never give up a winning hand. Although it may be tempting to give up a winning hand in order to pursue a bigger hand, the best strategy in many situations is to stick with the hand that you already have won with.

Always keep a close eye on your bankroll, and be sure to play within the confines of the financial plan you’ve set for yourself.

Things to Take Into Account When Selecting an Online Video Poker Casino

Through the utilization of a stringent review casino review process, our team of casino experts and video poker enthusiasts locates the most reputable online locations at which players can engage in online video poker play.

Because of this, we are able to provide recommendations for only the most reputable online video poker sites. When conducting our reviews of online casinos, we pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  1. Bonuses and promotions: There is nothing quite like a casino bonus that hits the sweet spot of accessibility while also being lucrative. This is the holy grail of casino bonuses. Our mission is to locate the best online video poker casinos, each of which must provide the most alluring signup bonuses, ongoing online promotions, and player loyalty programs.
  2. The range of online video poker games available: We will only recommend websites that provide a comprehensive range of video poker games. As an added perk, we also provide casinos with a robust portfolio of other types of casino games, such as slot machines and other types of casino table games.
  3. Playing video poker on mobile We only recommend sites for playing video poker that are fully compatible with mobile devices. This is because a large number of players use their mobile phone or tablet to play video poker.
  4. Methods of payment Casino players place a high premium on versatility and favor the availability of the greatest number of payment options possible. When you choose to play video poker online at one of the casinos that we have recommended, you will have access to a diverse range of banking options.
  5. Customer service: Knowing that you have an excellent customer service team ready to assist you in the event that you run into a problem or simply want to reach out for additional information is essential. As a result of this, we investigate the quality of the customer support offered by each video poker site before deciding whether or not to recommend it.

Our Premium Selection Of Online Casinos

We work and collaborate with top proven manufacturers and suppliers.

Tutorial on How to Play Video Poker via the Internet

You will find information that is relevant to you in the sections that follow if you are an experienced player who is looking for the best returns. Players who are just getting started with video poker should read this section. It explains the mechanics behind playing video poker.

The most common variation is known as Jacks or Better, or JoB for short. You have a chance to win your bet if you have a pair of jacks or higher, but you will lose it if your final hand is lower than this.

You have to decide how many coins to play with before the dealer even starts dealing the cards. Live casinos typically have a minimum denomination of a quarter for each coin. It is essential to always place the maximum bet of five coins each time. If you give the house a smaller than expected amount, they have a greater mathematical advantage. When you check the pay table, you’ll see that the return for a royal flush with five coins is significantly higher than the return for a royal flush with only four coins.

To begin, you must first click the “deal” button. You will get five playing cards in the package. Before you draw, you must first choose which of these cards to keep. When you hit the draw button, any cards that you do not currently have will be replaced with new ones. After that, the game compares your final hand to a pay table to determine your winnings.

You are eligible for payment if you have at least a pair of jacks in your hand. In that case, the game is over, and you will forfeit any money you had staked on that hand. The more successful a poker hand you have, the more money you will win.

Our Professional Advice on How to Become a Winner at Video Poker

You can get expert guidance on how to improve your chances of winning at video poker. You will be able to use what you’ve learned to improve your video poker strategy once you’ve had some practice playing the game for free and are ready to move on to playing for real money. You should be able to master both game modes more quickly if you follow these hints from the experts:

1) Get some experience with free online poker games.

There is truth to be found in the age-old proverb that “practice makes perfect” in each and every sense of the phrase. If you have access to free poker slots, you will not only have a good time, but you will also improve your game play skills. You should have success applying these strategies when playing video poker for real money.

2) Make use of a cheat sheet for video poker.

It can be very challenging to memorize all of the different hands that can be played in video poker. When you play a game, it is a good idea to keep a cheat sheet nearby so that you can quickly familiarize yourself with the rules. A “cheat sheet” is exactly what it sounds like: an overview of video poker hands that gives you the information that you need to keep or discard the appropriate cards in order to play more intelligently. It’s a simplified version of video poker, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed about playing it. Many of the best players in the world today got their start with the assistance of a useful guide.

3) Be Aware of Which Cards You Should Keep

When you play video poker online, you should use this as the foundation of your strategy. As soon as you have been dealt your initial set of cards, you need to make a snap decision as to which of those cards you wish to keep and which of those cards you wish to get rid of and replace with fresh cards drawn from the deck. Because the final hand will be definitive, skilled players always give careful consideration to all of their choices. In the event that you are dealt a combination of cards that results in a win, you will be paid out for that hand before moving on to the next one.

4) Become an Expert in Particular Video Poker Games

The strategy for video poker is both complex and intricate. As a result of this, a lot of players find it enjoyable to perfect their strategies for at least one of the machines. In this way, they improve their chances of winning while they are playing. You will find that you need “cheat sheets” less and less as you continue to play a specific video poker machine because you will become more and more familiar with the game. You will start to recognize that you have a better handle on the strategies required to win on each of the various types of video poker games that are available.

5) Consider Multi-Hand Machines

You’ll get the exact same experience from multi-hand video poker as you would from single-play machines, including the same gameplay and paytables. The fact that you don’t have to give any thought to how much money you want to wager frees your mind to concentrate entirely on strategy for a set number of games, which is by far their most significant benefit. On the other hand, the variance of multi-hand games is typically higher than that of single-hand games. This can still work in your favor; if you start off with a strong hand, you have a good chance of winning a significant amount of money in the game.

6) Participate in Video Poker Contests that Offer the Highest Payouts

You might want to look for a game with lower limits depending on how much money you have in your bankroll, or maybe you’re looking for a machine that has a higher RTP percentage so that you can win more money. The games Jack or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, and Double Bonus are among the most popular variations of video poker that can be played online. In any event, you should make it a habit to regularly check the percentage of your winnings that is associated with the paytables and select the games that provide the highest video poker payouts.

Tens or Better Poker

This version of video poker, which was developed by Microgaming, is distinguished by its superior audio and video capabilities. Microgaming is a titan in the gaming industry. This version of the game is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards; jokers and other wild cards of any kind are not included. The first step of play in Tens or Better is for each player to make a wager. This variant has a minimum coin size available of USD$0.25, and it has a maximum coin size available of USD$5.00. The maximum number of coins that can be wagered on any given hand is five. Because of this, the maximum allowable wager for each play is USD$25.00.

The objective of this game, just like that of all other variations of video poker, is to obtain the hand with the highest possible ranking. The highest possible hand, the royal flush, also happens to be the one that wins players the top jackpot in this game, which is 4,000 coins. Players who wager the maximum number of coins are the only ones who have a shot at winning the top prizes.

At the beginning of the game, five cards will be displayed on the screen. Players have the option of manually holding cards or using the auto-hold feature, both of which are available to them. Once the cards are held, the player selects the draw option to receive the next set of cards, which form the final hand. There are nine winning combinations in this game. Tens or better will award the lowest payout, while a royal flush is the jackpot winning hand.

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